Announcement: EO Charging Partnership


Here at e-Cars we are proud to announce we have become Official Partners with EO Charging who are a specialist charge point supplier, which design and manufacture their products in the UK at their factory in Suffolk.

Simplicity, Reliability, Intelligence.

Being a relatively new E.V Charge Point Manufacturer within the market EO Charging set out to create a product which overcame the frustrations with the UK’s charging infrastructure. By going through an extensive product testing, development and working with installers this has led to EO Charging making a super easy-to-use, unbelievably reliable, extremely affordable and extra intelligent chargers. Please click here to see the EO Charging brochure with their full range of products and exciting developments.

We are stocking and will be installing their chargers throughout the range and look forward to the winter months when they will launch their new Genius Range of Smart Chargers.

“So finally had a proper charge point installed today and thought I would post some feedback as this seems to be a new unit. EO Charging (eo Charging – Electric Car Park Charging Specialists) are a UK based company, who seem dedicated to the cause and cheaper than the alternate options. The unit itself is quite smart and compact, I went for a 32A socket version. It’s an interesting design as the base is wired in then the unit slots on to a mount, I can see the immediate advantage that in the unlikely event the unit has a problem it can be slid off the unit and swapped out easily with a replacement. Charger has a light up “EO” logo that is flashing blue when not connected, flashing green when connected but not charging (car on timer) and green when charging. I can’t speak to the longevity having only had it installed today, but it’s nice and compact and easy to use. No real negatives so far, only minor niggle is that cable has to enter from the bottom but in most external installs that is probably where its coming from anyway, and the conduit they put in is very neat and tidy”
Paul Tall
“Tudor Rose would like to thank the EO team for all their help in providing our EV chargers. The work was carried out with little or no disruption and was carried out efficiently and quickly.”
Trevor Bryan,
@eocharging EV charge point installed today. Looks great, and will be so much safer than charging via 3-pin plug
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